Weekly Weigh-In | Reflections | Meal Prep

Drumroll please!!!

Starting Weight: 231 lbs

Goal Weight: 175 lbs

Current Weight: ….

Holy shit, I skipped the 220’s! 😃 I can’t even remember the last time I was in the teens!!! 🙌🏾🔥😂 Now before I get carried away about Soylent being a miracle worker (which I will to a degree very shortly), I think it’s important to acknowledge that during my initial weigh-in I was on my period & *WAY* more bloated than usual. My weight over the past year or so has teetered between 227-231. Other metrics you may want to know:

  • BMI: 31.5
  • Body Fat: 38% (My goal is to cut this in half, btw)
  • Muscle Mass: 27.4%



The 2 boxes of Soylent & body composition scale I ordered via Amazon.

These are the a few of the impacts Soylent has had so far on my day-to-day life:

  • Convenience – I don’t need to cook; although I often add flavors or green things that I blend in, I can also very easily just grab-and-go when I don’t have time to jazz it up.
  • Tracking Calories – It’s so much easier to track my overall calories since 2 of my meals are exactly the same. It gives me the chance to figure out how to fit in whatever it is that I might have a taste for (chocolate, bread, veggie sausage, you name it) within my macros & caloric allowance. Tracking now is much less stressful/obsessive since I have a set amount of calories from the Soylent & more like a game of tetris where I plan out what I’m having for the next few days ahead of time. (I’m using Cron-O-Meter to track my calories. What do you use? Is tracking calories useful for you?)
  • Digestion-Wise – Honestly, not that bad. The first few days my stomach had a few gurgles & there was some gas but I think my body’s used to it now. I almost always drink mine with something mixed in – greens, water, protein powder, fresh fruit, etc – which I think helps it to sit less heavily in my stomach. I also think it helps that at the end of the day I have a meal that’s PACKED with fiber to make sure that I’m moving everything through my digestive system with ease.


These are the macros I’m trying out for the next month or two:

  • Carbs: 200 grams
  • Protein: 105 grams (I usually get more than this & will be increasing my intake as I start to workout more)
  • Fat: 70 grams (42 of which are coming from Soylent)

I made a veggie soup which will be my main calories for dinner this week. I broke it into 12 servings & will be eating it with brown rice or a sweet potato or beans. I’ll be toying around with different ways to hit my macros–maybe I should be eating a bunch of small snacks, maybe I should be cramming everything into one large dinner at the end of the day–you get the drift.

I’m really trying to pay attention to my eating habits & how my body reacts to different foods rather than just taking other peoples’ advice or following whatever is trending right now. I’m trying to pay attention to my usual pitfalls & plan ahead to make sure I have healthier options when I’m feeling emotional, bored, or just really, really hangry.

How are you setting yourself up for success this week??


Keepin’ It Simple w/ Soylent

For breakfast today I blended my Soylent 2.0 Original with a cup of pineapple, a cup of kale, and a knob of ginger. I blended it at work with a Nutribullet so it wasn’t super smooth, but I really don’t mind a bit of texture. It honestly tasted (and looked) WAY better than what I anticipated!

I can’t believe I’ve done this for 3 days in a row with no problems!!! While 3 days may not seem like much to some, I have been trying–for almost an entire DECADE–to lose weight. I have stayed between 220-230 pretty much my entire adult life. Granted, I think I wear it well, but I still have the desire to be closer to the size I was when I was younger (more so in the 180-190 region). I also have flat feet, one bad knee, and lots of issues with inflammation & stress that results in back pain. I think that if I can lose some of the weight it won’t be such a burden on my joints which could help to alleviate some chronic and to be honest slightly debilitating pain.

It’s been really easy to track calories because I’ve only really got to pay attention to the real meal that I have once a day. I can eat as much as I want for that meal (which so far has just been dinner) and not worry about eating too much because I’m never really that hungry anyways. I can really appreciate how genuinely satiated Soylent makes me feel throughout the day. I’ve already noticed that I’m not doing a ton of bored snacking, or being distracted by really intense cravings as I ease into the afternoon. And if I do snack, it’s really just a snack (like 100-200 calories or less when I enter it in Cron-o-meter). I’m so truly geeked that this feels like something doable. It’s so simple–just drink Soylent when you’re busy, eat food when you get home.

I don’t know what this is going to be like when I have more free time to hang out in the kitchen. I’m really going to just try to keep the Soylent on hand, and make sure I drink it around the same times I was drinking it during the week so I stay full until the evening. When my stomach is full of Soylent I can tell very clearly that I don’t have room for much else so I tend to not even try.

I’ll be posting just one update this weekend on Sunday, but if you’d like to see what I’m eating between now and then be sure to follow me on Instagram (@SoSoSoylent) to see how I jazz up my Soylent 2.0 next!

…And Another One 

Day 2.

Thoughts from yesterday:

I only drank one bottle of Soylent (which took me well over an hour to sip down) plus dinner (kale, butternut squash, cauliflower, tempeh and coconut rice…thank the Lorde for housemates!!!). I didn’t get hungry at all, and the texture and taste are certainly something I can get down with. I just don’t know how I’m going to get in my two a day if it’s going to sit so heavily in my stomach.

I also started my period yesterday which tends to make my stomach a bit more sensitive/easily upset. Trying to go easy this morning and drink at least 32 oz  of water plus a cup of green tea before I hit the Soylent. I’m really going to try to fit in at least 2 today. I think I may need to be a little loose with the lunch/dinner and switch the real meal/Soylent around as needed. Today, since my work schedule is pretty hectic I’m just going to do Soylent for breakfast and lunch and do a real meal for dinner when I get home.

For my first Soylent of the day I added some matcha and ground ginger, pretty good 😊 It went down smooth and I think it actually helped to settle my stomach. For my second one I added some cinnamon and almond butter. To be honest, I could definitely drink this plain, I’m just the type of person that likes to doctor things up even if it’s good as is.

I started drinking my Soylent pretty late in the day due to my upset stomach. That made it pretty hard for me to eat dinner since I was so full. I need to make sure I start drinking it earlier so I can get in enough calories cuz the thought of living on only 800 calories in a day scares the fuck outta me.


Here Goes Nothing

I’m diving in. Last night I binged on my last pack of cookies for dinner. I’m scared, but also slightly desperate & pretty damn excited. I want this to work. I want to feel free of my obsession with food & in control of my urges to binge. I also want to feel like I’m finally on the path to get to my goal weight– 175 pounds.

So, here’s the plan:

  • Breakfast: Soylent (400 calories)
  • Lunch: Plant Based Whole Foods Meal (~500-600 calories)
  • Dinner: Soylent (400 calories)
  • Snacks: Piece of Fruit (~100-150 calories)

Oh, just so you know: I’m 5’11”, and the last time I weighed myself I was 231 pounds.

I’ll get more into the nitty-gritty of my plan in future posts, but for now I just wanted to give an overview of my plan.

And now……. THE TASTE TEST!!!

I ordered a case of the Original 2.0 Soylent (the pre-mixed liquid version) off of Amazon.com. I chilled mine since I heard it tastes better cold. I’m trying this one out before I leave for work (just in case I don’t like the flavor I can doctor it up with something in my kitchen). Here’s my review of Soylent Original 2.0:

  • Appearance: Looks like almond milk
  • Smell: Smells, pretty much, like almond milk
  • Taste: The milk from a bowl of cheerios. Slightly sweet and wheaty
  • Texture: Super smooth and silky

Holy shit. I think I can actually do this! I’m still going to mix things in to jazz it up, but I can totally drink this on its own! YAAAAASSSSSSSS!!

I added a touch of nutmeg, cinnamon & probably a teaspoon of maple syrup. Tastes like Cinnamon Toast Crunch 🙂


Finished my first bottle! Soylent tends to land pretty heavily in my stomach. Its definitely not something I can just chug. I took a digestive enzyme supplement to help ease my stomach. Not sure if its the Soylent, life/work stress, or the cookies from last night giving me issues– nothing major, just some gurgling.