…And Another One 

Day 2.

Thoughts from yesterday:

I only drank one bottle of Soylent (which took me well over an hour to sip down) plus dinner (kale, butternut squash, cauliflower, tempeh and coconut rice…thank the Lorde for housemates!!!). I didn’t get hungry at all, and the texture and taste are certainly something I can get down with. I just don’t know how I’m going to get in my two a day if it’s going to sit so heavily in my stomach.

I also started my period yesterday which tends to make my stomach a bit more sensitive/easily upset. Trying to go easy this morning and drink at least 32 oz  of water plus a cup of green tea before I hit the Soylent. I’m really going to try to fit in at least 2 today. I think I may need to be a little loose with the lunch/dinner and switch the real meal/Soylent around as needed. Today, since my work schedule is pretty hectic I’m just going to do Soylent for breakfast and lunch and do a real meal for dinner when I get home.

For my first Soylent of the day I added some matcha and ground ginger, pretty good 😊 It went down smooth and I think it actually helped to settle my stomach. For my second one I added some cinnamon and almond butter. To be honest, I could definitely drink this plain, I’m just the type of person that likes to doctor things up even if it’s good as is.

I started drinking my Soylent pretty late in the day due to my upset stomach. That made it pretty hard for me to eat dinner since I was so full. I need to make sure I start drinking it earlier so I can get in enough calories cuz the thought of living on only 800 calories in a day scares the fuck outta me.



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