Keepin’ It Simple w/ Soylent

For breakfast today I blended my Soylent 2.0 Original with a cup of pineapple, a cup of kale, and a knob of ginger. I blended it at work with a Nutribullet so it wasn’t super smooth, but I really don’t mind a bit of texture. It honestly tasted (and looked) WAY better than what I anticipated!

I can’t believe I’ve done this for 3 days in a row with no problems!!! While 3 days may not seem like much to some, I have been trying–for almost an entire DECADE–to lose weight. I have stayed between 220-230 pretty much my entire adult life. Granted, I think I wear it well, but I still have the desire to be closer to the size I was when I was younger (more so in the 180-190 region). I also have flat feet, one bad knee, and lots of issues with inflammation & stress that results in back pain. I think that if I can lose some of the weight it won’t be such a burden on my joints which could help to alleviate some chronic and to be honest slightly debilitating pain.

It’s been really easy to track calories because I’ve only really got to pay attention to the real meal that I have once a day. I can eat as much as I want for that meal (which so far has just been dinner) and not worry about eating too much because I’m never really that hungry anyways. I can really appreciate how genuinely satiated Soylent makes me feel throughout the day. I’ve already noticed that I’m not doing a ton of bored snacking, or being distracted by really intense cravings as I ease into the afternoon. And if I do snack, it’s really just a snack (like 100-200 calories or less when I enter it in Cron-o-meter). I’m so truly geeked that this feels like something doable. It’s so simple–just drink Soylent when you’re busy, eat food when you get home.

I don’t know what this is going to be like when I have more free time to hang out in the kitchen. I’m really going to just try to keep the Soylent on hand, and make sure I drink it around the same times I was drinking it during the week so I stay full until the evening. When my stomach is full of Soylent I can tell very clearly that I don’t have room for much else so I tend to not even try.

I’ll be posting just one update this weekend on Sunday, but if you’d like to see what I’m eating between now and then be sure to follow me on Instagram (@SoSoSoylent) to see how I jazz up my Soylent 2.0 next!


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